Tanning For The Busy Mum | Way To Beauty

Whether you’re a working mum or a stay at home mum, it can be difficult to find even 5 minutes for yourself, let alone your ‘beauty routine’. To help the time-poor sisterhood out, we’ve compiled a few tan-saving beauty hacks to make you feel whole again.


Not exfoliating before application is the tanning equivalent to leaving your make-up on at bedtime – a huge beauty no-no. However, when your short on time, it’s one of those steps we all feel like missing sometimes. Luckily, a tanning application works better when you prep the skin 24 hours before hand, allowing time for your pores to close so your tan won’t clog them up. Do your skin a favour and add exfoliating to your pre-bed beauty routine - we promise it will be worth it. Our gorgeous WaytoBeauty Skin Polish (250ml) uses natural sweet almond shell beads to gently exfoliate your skin, removing impurities and leaving you feeling fresh and smelling fab. Plus, you can drop the moisturising afterwards too, as any excess oils can stop your tan from developing properly (another 5 minutes saved).


Our WaytoBeauty Self Tanning Water Medium (250ml) has been designed to save you time! It’s quick and easy to apply, dries instantly without any stickiness and best of all doesn’t need to be rinsed off. Simply allow yourself 10 minutes to apply in the morning and watch in amazement as you develop a gorgeous golden glow within just a few hours.


Need a tan, like, 10 minutes ago?! Then our Wash Off Instant Bronzing Gel Medium (125ml) is for you. Our ‘one day’ wonder gel is DHA free, so doesn’t take any development time and provides instant, even, full-coverage in a flash. It’s essentially a body make-up that will take your from ‘oh-no’ to ‘hello glow’ in 5 minutes. A true beauty lifesaver.