Way to Beauty | Embrace Radiance: The Ultimate Guide to Achieving a Gorgeous Tan for Pale and Sensitive Winter Skin

Lack of sunshine, colder temperatures, and less enthusiasm to go outside in general all contribute to the pale, sore, and just generally not great condition of our skin during the colder seasons. 

However, the festive season brings with it more social occasions, sequins, the motivation to go out in high heels and no coat despite the cold, and, of course, fake tan. 

Using fake tan during the colder seasons might feel a bit overkill, however studies have found that fake tan can: 

  • Improve your confidence 
  • Boost your mood 
  • Adds moisture 
  • Helps improve circulation  

In this blog, we will be exploring the best ways to prep, tan and maintain your tan through the winter season for a perfect year-round glow! 


  • Preparing Your Skin for the Perfect Tan 
  • Tanning Methods for Pale and Sensitive Skin 
  • After Tan Tips 

Preparing Your Skin for the Perfect Tan 

Tan Prep Tip: Plan Ahead 

If you know that a social event is coming up and you want to get your glow on, planning ahead can be the difference between a meh tan and a wow! tan 

1 Week Before 

Choose a moisturiser that smells great, is suitable for your skin type and doesn’t contain oil or alcohol, as these can both mess with the development of your tan. 

Use this every day for a week before tanning to prevent dry patches so your skin is smooth all over.  

24 Hours Before 

Exfoliate your skin thoroughly at least 24 hours ahead of tanning time. This helps to remove dry skin and leaves a smooth canvas for tan application. 

Use a body scrub that is suitable for sensitive skin as this will be more gentle on dry, winter skin and ensure you scrub your knees, elbows and feet thoroughly as these areas have the driest skin. 

2-3 hours before 

Reapply your moisturiser 2-3 hours before tanning as this will help make the process as smooth as possible and create a solid base for your colour which avoids a patchy effect,  

Tanning Methods for Pale and Sensitive Skin 

  • Tan Application Tip: Choose Wisely 

Knowing which tanning formula and products work for you is important but it’s also worth knowing which formulas work better for skin types as the condition of your skin can change throughout the year. 

Winter Tanning 

In the winter, dry skin can become quite prevalent so choosing a creamy lotion or oil-based formula will be more hydrating than a mousse or spray.  

Gradual tans or a lighter shade than normal can also look more natural and subtle. 

After Tan Tips 

  • Tan Maintenance Tip: Avoid Water 

Become a Gremlin temporarily and don’t go near water for 6-8 hours after application.  

This includes, sweating, showering, swimming and going out in the rain. 

  • Tan Enhancing Tip: Cleanse and Moisturise 

Use a gentle cleanser when washing and continue to moisturise to keep the skin as hydrated as possible.  

You should also avoid exfoliating or shaving too often to keep your tan for as long as possible. 

Applying gradual tan is also a great way to continue to nourish the skin and keep your colour from fading. 



In conclusion, there are a few key things to keep in mind when applying fake tan to pale and sensitive skin in the winter, so let’s recap: 

  • Fake tan can improve your confidence, boost your mood, add moisture, and help improve circulation. 
  • To prep your skin for the perfect tan, exfoliate 24 hours before tanning and moisturise 2-3 hours before tanning. 
  • Choose a tanning formula that is designed for sensitive skin and is neither creamy or oil-based. 
  • Avoid water for 6-8 hours after applying the tan. 
  • Avoid exfoliating or shaving your skin too often after applying fake tan. 


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