Way to Beauty | The Ultimate Guide to Male Fake Tanning: Tips and Tricks for a Flawless Tan

Fake tan is considered a feminine beauty product, which is unsurprising when you consider that it tends to be marketed towards women and young girls.

However, fake tan is still used by men, especially those in the 16-34-year-old age bracket, where around one-tenth of men use fake tan regularly, so it’s really not that uncommon.

That’s why our blog is going to be investigating:

  • The growing trend of male fake tanning
  • Bodybuilder’s tan vs aesthetic tan
  • Way to Beauty’s Top 3 Tips for Male Fake Tanning
  • Self-tan aftercare tricks

The growing trend of male fake tanning

The lines between genders are becoming more blurry than it was even 10 years ago and this has opened the door for men to have access to, and use, products that were traditionally considered to be ‘female’ products.

This is not a new concept, however.

The term ‘metrosexual’ was first used in 1994, by a British journalist, Mark Simpson, and alluded to men who took pride in their appearance and take steps to maintain it, challenging the male gender norm.

Since then, more and more men have started looking after themselves and embracing their ‘feminine side’.

From experimenting with makeup, and enjoying mani-pedis, the beauty industry is
seeing an increase in men treating themselves to a pamper session, creating a
genderless beauty industry.

This also extends to fake tan, which is no longer just for women and bodybuilders.

Bodybuilder’s tan vs aesthetic tan

The origin of bodybuilders tanning for competitions took inspiration from famous
Greek sculptures and used to rub chalk or powder over themselves to appear more like these works of art.

This inspired the later use of tanning products which, when applied correctly, “helps keep the definition under bright, stage lights”, or so says Arnold Schwarzenegger (and who are we to argue with a seven-time Mr. Olympia?)

The colour of these tans have also grown increasingly darker over the years, with
ultra dark and layering being the norm, but at least this has been achieved with fake tan, instead of the cocktail of organic sun, topped up with fake tan.

Aesthetic tan, however, is a whole different game.

Aesthetic fake tan should be more natural, and complimentary to individual skin tone and hair colour. You can find out more here.

Even though male tanning seems few and far between, you would be hard-pressed to find a celebrity or male model that doesn’t have some form of fake tan on, even if it is just bronzer.

Love Island has also been a huge influence on men’s tans.

Although fake tan is banned in the villa (turns out the producers don’t want unsightly tan stains on the sheets), shimmer oil is not and this has been a favourite product of the guys.

Below, we will explore some tips and tricks, specifically for male tanning.

Way to Beauty’s Top 3 Tips for Male Fake Tanning

  1. Pay attention to body hair:

Men often have more body hair, which can affect the outcome of a fake tan. If you have excessive hair, consider trimming or shaving it before applying tan. This allows for better product absorption and prevents patchy or uneven results.

  1. Use a gradual tanning product:
If you're new to fake tanning, start with a gradual tanning product.
These formulas allow you to build the colour gradually, reducing the risk of going too dark or unnatural.
It also gives you more control over the end result.


  1. Opt for a matte finish:
Shimmer oil might be suitable for guys on TV but for everyday use, a matte finish tends to look more natural on men.
Choose a product specifically designed for men or one that offers a natural, matte finish for a subtle and authentic tan.


Self-tan aftercare tricks

Maintaining your tan can seem like a chore but we have some additional pieces of
advice to improve the longevity of your glow:

  • Moisturise!

If you take one thing away from this blog, make sure it’s this. Not only is it just generally good for you to keep your skin hydrated, but moisturised skin will also hold your colour for longer. Find your favourite moisturiser and start using it daily!

  • Gradual Tanner
Combining moisturiser and tan is another great way to boost your colour and keep it that way.
Combining two steps in one speeds everything up and can help even out any patchiness from the original application.

In conclusion, the world of male fake tanning is steadily gaining momentum as societal norms evolve and the beauty industry becomes more inclusive.

When it comes to achieving a flawless tan, specific tips for men include paying attention to body hair by trimming or shaving to ensure even product absorption.

As more men embrace fake tanning, it's essential to recognise that personal grooming and self-care are not confined to any particular gender.

Men, too, can enjoy the benefits of a flawlessly achieved tan, boosting confidence and self-expression.

Embrace the world of male fake tanning, experiment with different products, and find the techniques that work best for you.

After all, beauty knows no gender boundaries.

Embrace a healthy glow with our tanning tips tailored for men.

Start your journey now!