Which tan is the right shade for me?

Mousse, lotion or gel? Light, medium or dark? With so many options it can be tricky when choosing the right tanning product. Variety is the spice of life as they say, but sometimes it helps to have a little insider info.

Here's our quick reference guide to selecting your perfect shade.


If you like to live life on the edge then try our Wash Off Bronzing Gel Medium 125ml. It's designed for easy application, no-commitment colour that washes away when you want it to, so if time's not on your side you can get gorgeous results, fast! The medium tone, gel formula absorbs quickly and evenly and is also waterproof. 


Is tanning part of your feel-good ritual? It's amazing what a little colour can do, and if you prefer your tone light and sunkissed then our Self Tanning Lotion Light 250ml should be right up your street. This subtle yet stunning cream creates a light, buildable tan for super natural results to fit in with your daily beauty routine.


If you like a great tan but don't feel so great about the mess then our Self Tanning Water Medium 250ml delivers the kind of clean, streak free colour you've dreamed of. It's light, it's easily absorbed and best of all there's no transfer. Plus, the coconut water base is infused with aloe vera and vitamins c & e so it's gentle to your skin too.


If you're looking for a tan that compliments a darker skin tone or just simply prefer a darker hue, try our Self Tanning Lotion Dark 250ml. The intensely rich, non-sticky cream gives a dramatically dark tan that fades naturally and evenly. It's also ideal for creating a smoothing effect as it gives full-coverage for a more even tone.