Using a fast-developing spray tan on your clients is a great way to tailor the treatment specifically for them. WaytoBeauty's Rapid Spray Tan Solution has been created to work with all skin tones and speeds up the development process, so it's ideal if:

  • Your client needs a tan quickly 
  • They don't like sleeping in their tan
  • They'd prefer to avoid bronzer transfer on clothing or bedding.

Ask your clients to prepare the skin as normal - exfoliate/wax/shave 24 hours before the treatment and avoid using any moisturisers - and apply to the skin with your usual technique. The key to using this solution is to let the client choose their preferred shade then wash off when required. So:

  • Shower after an hour for a light, sunkissed tan
  • Shower after 3 hours for a rich, golden tan
  • Shower after 5 hours for a deep, dark tan.

The solution should not be left on the skin for any longer than 5 hours as this is the peak development time. Then recommend that your client moisturises daily for a long-lasting colour that will begin to fade naturally after 1 week.

The superior grade DHA and skin-boosting moisturisers of aloe vera and vitamin E combine within this professional level spray tan solution for unrivalled colour and stunning results.

Happy tanning! ♥