Why One Tan Is Never Enough | Way To Beauty

If you have more than one mood, you need more than one self tan. Luckily, at WaytoBeauty we have a bespoke range of self tanning formulations to match every moment. Here our some of our favourites, why not discover yours?

Gentle glow

Sometimes sunkissed is just enough, and for this our Self Tanning Lotion Light is the perfect pick-me-up to blow away the cobwebs. It delivers a natural and gradual tan which you can easily build up over a number of applications.

Dark side

A super dark tan tan signals you're ready for anything and our Self Tanning Lotion Dark helps you achieve your deepest holiday glow! Infused with shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamins c & e, the rich lotion ensures full coverage to smooth and perfect.

Ego boost

Every knows that a well applied tan can do wonders for your body confidence, and a quick fix is our Wash Off Bronzing Gel Medium. It's an effortless, quick-drying skin perfecter that blurs imperfections and gives a 24 hour tan. This one works with all skin tones for just the right shade of tan.